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Three sides cutting machine for book blocks, Three-knife-trimme for book block with double cut function, Full automatic solution for three sides cutting of book blocks, Three knife trimmer machine for cutting books, softcover case and similar products,Book cuting machine with automatic set-up

The three-knife trimmer recieves  from the delivery chain the book blocks one by one, then pile them up in required number of book blocks up to 100 mm of height and performs three sides cutting.

The particular characteristics of Vip Tris are:

  1. min book block size 80x100mm

  2. motorized format changeover

  3. the possibility to use the machine in semi-automatic way

  4. the ability to cut and return the book block to the operator (for the control operation of changing format and quality)

  5. double cut function which consists in making for the first time three sides cut, then, after changing the format automatically by a few mm, making the second three sides cutting. This function is very important to achieve a high-quality product.




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