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Roby 1800 XL    Automatic Casemaker

Automatic casemaker machine for hardcover book, machine to produce hardcover,padded cover,customised book covers, automatic solution for hardcover book production,casemaker for three-piece cases for hardcover books, casemaker for special products.

Roby 1800 XL is an automatic casemaker that can produce:

  • three-piece cases for hard cover books;

  • cases made of up to 5 pieces, for special products such as sample catalogues, calendars, diaries, religious books.

Traditional hardcover, padded cover

Traditional hardcover/padded cover

Customised book covers

Customized book covers

The machine is composed of:

  • Non-stop covering material automatic feeder.

  • Gluing station.

  • Vacuum conveyor.

  • Cardboard feeder.

  • Roller press.

  • Turning-in station.

  • Corner forming station.

  • Delivery on conveyor.



Children's Board Book

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