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Producing hardcover book with automatic line

The Vip Book Line is an automatic solution to produce hardcover books, with an easy and quick set up and format change. It’s perfect for medium and large runs.

The Vip Book Line is a modular line composed of:

1. Vip EndpaperAutomatic book block endpapering machine

2. Vip GauzeBack stripping machine

3. Vip Dragon Splitting saw (for two-up or three-up production)

4. Vip Tris -Automatic three-knife trimmer

5. Vip ModuloAutomatic casing-in  machine

6.  Roby 1800 XL- Automatic casemaker

7. Vip Stacker - Automatic Stacking machine



All the machines of the line can work autonomously.

The advantages of the VIP BOOK LINE are:

  • Reduced working place

  • User-friendly operation

  • Fast setup

  • Mechanical speed up to 2400 pcs/h

  • Maximum size, which allows a two-up or three-up production

  • Book block spine minimum size  2 mm

  • The possibility to produce book blocks starting from one signature

  • The possibility to use gauze or paper

  • The possibility to produce books, notebooks or block notes using end sheets feeding system for back card and front cover

Back lining machine to produce Book block with the gauze
Book blocks with different kind of gauze
Books with fine thickness hardcover
Book blocks with different kind of gauze
Hard case book production line

Vip Dragon Splitting Saw machine for Two-up and Three-up Production

Splitting saw for two up o three up production
Automatic machine for dividing book blocks

Vip Modulo  Automatic Casing-in Machine

Casing-in automatic machine to produce hardcover books
Accoppiamento del blocco libro con la copertina

Roby 1800 XL   Automatic casemaker.

Automatic casemaker machine for hardcover book, machine to produce hardcover,padded cover,customised book covers, automatic solution for hardcover book production,casemaker for three-piece cases for hardcover books, casemaker for special products.
copertine in cartonato tradizionali
copertine in cartonato speciali

Children's Board Book

children book machines




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